Monday, June 02, 2014

Either Really Cool or a Great Scam

Last year we posted about a contest to go to Mars. Applicants had to pay a fee, 5 dollars if I recall, and they could apply to go on a one-way mission to Mars with Mars One. Some 200,000 people applied and made whoever was behind it a cool million dollars or whatever that would add up to.

Well they are back! There is now a reality show where some of the applicants that were approved get to compete with one the other in order to see who goes to Mars. As reported by Deadline: "In order to qualify for the mission, individuals must demonstrate they have acquired the knowledge and skills as well as high levels of psychological and physical performance required for the longest distance voyage ever embarked upon by humans."

All this to be documented and put on the tv, or net or wherever we get entertainment these days.

The interesting thing is, IF they go, no one comes home. They live out their lives on Mars. In theory every two years a new group of colonists arrive.

You have to be careful though! We don't know what's really out there...

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