Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Castles & Crusades Kickstarter Closes on High!

The Castles & Crusades Kickstarter ended at 10 pm CST time last night (the 2nd of June) and it ended with a bang, closing out at over $83,573. It attracted a large number of backers and generated a huge amount of Crusader reaction as they spread the word about the tidal wave of swag offered up in the higher level pledges.

The evening closed out with a final secret door unearthed at 83K that revealed a custom key-ring bottle opener suggest by one of the backers, Sean King.

It turned out a fantastic Kickstarter.

Troll Lord will take a few days to organize but hope to start sending out digital content as early as this week, or next.

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Sean K said...

This was / is an awesome Kickstarter.