Monday, October 15, 2012

Dressing for Armageddon

Last week the question was posed about weapon choice; the crowbar was very logically posed by a viewer (though far less exciting than a bearded axe, it does offer the police a good explanation if you are pulled over pre-armageddon). But what about body armor.

A good suit of chain mail would block almost any zombie bite, they might gnaw on it awhile but too little affect; machines might be able to pummel you through it...but its better than being hit directly. If armageddon is a meteor its not going to help at all really, maybe cook you in the armor. If its just the general collapse of civilization then perhaps it will help to fight off the cannibals and those trying to get at your food sources, of course if they have high powered rifles your armor won't help much. If its a water world, it would not be helpful at all; nor an ice age for that matter. But if the armageddon involves groups of men fighting with make shift swords and arrows you could definitely use it.

Regardless of the armageddon we face, the armor would slow you down and tire you out right quick, but its better than nothing if the apocalypse is a violent one.  A good suit of chain should be kept in the closet perhaps, to be pulled out after the initial wave of running amok and after everyone uses up their bullets.

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