Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Roads to (un)Recovery

Last week wrapped up with my head buried in several local projects. We have, from time to time, worked on books for the local schools through our Chenault and Gray Publishing company. I had a few on my desk that had been there since last Spring. So I spent last week laying those out, finishing the covers and getting them prepped for printing. I also worked on getting more office paper work and email taken care of. Its been my intent to not let any email go over 3 weeks without being answered. I'm so far doing pretty good.

Friday caught me in the mix of writing and paper work. I've been itching to work on C2 Shades of Mist for some time, so I spent too much time on that project. About four hours or so Friday morning. I finished up another 2000 words and rewrote much of what I had written a few days previous, bringing more structure and organization to it. I used the rest of the day on orders and the like, wrapping up around 4 or so and calling it a day.

I had intended to spend a relaxing weekend of reading and writing but Saturday saw me laid up with a bit of the a cold. It got worse on Sunday and worse still on Monday. So my week of tackling the East Mark Folio didn't start as well as I had hoped. I put in about 5 hours on Monday but my head hurt too much to maintain it. Tuesday started much the same, though I was again itching to write. I worked out about another 1500 words on C2 and moved onto the East Mark. Here I was enlightened that some entries had been left off the main Area map and had to be put in. I turned it over to Peter Bradley as that is his domain. While he was in there he redesigned my Key for the Area Map and cleaned it up, making it look much nicer. While he did that I laid out the covers for the school books.

By this time my head was killing me and I thought to clock out but I discovered a fractional flaw in the relation between my school book covers and interiors and had to go back over and readjust some mess. After much consultation Davis and Mark assured me that they can work with the files and took them from me late last night. Somewhere around 530 I clocked out, staggered up stairs and listened to the talking heads on the news channels drone on about some crap or the other. I dumped some dayquill and advil in the system hoping to stir the pot up and get myself motivated to get to writing a little. That failed as I lay like a lump in a chair for the better part of the evening, drumming up only enough strength to shout at the phone.

Yesterday's highlight came with the submission of a really cool graphic of the World of Aihrde. Its been posted on the boards in some capacity, but I post it here for your enjoyment. You have to view it in a browser to get the thing to work I understand.

This morning Peter turned over the final versions of the Player and CK Wilderness Maps as well as the Area Map. I finished the Key for the City map and now all the component parts of the EM Folio are ready to go. They should be printed tonight and ready to ship in the next day or so.

This afternoon: back to the Darkenfold and the Shades of Mist. Also, tomorrow or Friday I think I'll address the CKG, TLG adventures and other C&C source books in the works like M&T II and The Adventurer's Back Pack.

Thanks for Playing!

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