Monday, October 22, 2007


Mark wrapped up the shrink wrapping on Aihrde Friday and we got the last of them out the door and shipped to Ft. Wayne. This is a huge load off, and clears the floor to get A4 Usurpers of the Fell Axe and the East Mark Folio prepped and shipped. We are hoping to have all these out this week. In the meantime Davis is looking to put the wraps on Chimera's Roost (which apparently we don't even have on the *#&@ website) and keep up the steam on the CKG.

I worked for a bit on Friday, taking shipping to the UPS office, post office and getting pay to people 's checking accounts. Of course I forgot to get poor Alvin paid, which drives him and me insane (he does layout on the Crusader). Gary and I started work on some Lejendary Adventure modules that we hope to see pop up in the schedule in the next few days. And of course as soon as that discussion started I got embroiled in some legal issues that took awhile to work on, and though they didn't sap my physical time, they certainly did my mental energy. I had planned on wrapping up Monsters of Aihrde III, but instead spent the afternoon going through various financial and legal folders.

Updates have hit the website, be sure to check out the Anvil page and the Coming Soon products download on that page. We are looking at ramping up the LA schedule in coming weeks and should have more info on the CC Basic set by weeks end.

Today is more house cleaning, catching up with Gary's adventure discussion and theoretically working on a press release. We are short handed again so I'll be back in the mailroom within the hour packing orders and the like.

On a personal Note: There's this great scene in the Clint Eastwood movie, Unforgiven. Clint, playing the bad guy, has just shot down everyone in a bar, including the sheriff, played by Gene Hackman. Hackman is laying on the floor dying. He reaches for a gun and Clint knocks it out of his hand. Having just reloaded his spencer rifle he aims it at the prostrate Gene. Gene looks up at him, fearlessly, and says "I don't deserve this. To die like this. I was building a house. " Clint winces, and remarks "Deserves got nothing to do with it." And shoots him. That's pretty much my thoughts on entitlement. Deserve has nothing to do with it, if you think your entitled. Your not.

Here is a good link for the scene (it has some profanity): Unforgiven

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