Friday, October 12, 2007

Rio Bravo

Todd, Mark and myself were treated to a showing of John Wayne's Rio Bravo last night. One of the local theaters had a Free screening of this great western movie that also stars Dean Martin and Angie Dickinson. It was the first time I've ever seen these screen giants on the big screen and it was great fun. A little sad that we were the only ones in the movie house. But there you have it! It wrapped up a rather difficult and rushed week here at the troll dens that included moving a 1000 lbs piece of machinery, and pulling a set of French Doors out of the shop wall to fit said equipment in the shop.

Here's a little of the movie for you. A short piece that served as the quiet in the storm where one of my favorite singers hums a tune:

Thanks for playing,


mabon5127 said...

Ahh Dino. A great way to end my day.

Adaen of Bridgewater said...

John Wayne westerns are definitely a classic item in our culture....particularly for games. It is interesting (to me anyway) that the Western is such a concentrated fluid of the American Collective Psyche and yet it gets such little play in Role-playing circles. It is actually an area that though I find it fascinating, I haven't played....

~Adaen of Bridgewater,

Troll Lord said...

Dino is definitely the man. "Houstan" is a great tune by the man.

I often wonder about the western these days. They are not as much a part of our national make up as they once were. My parents grew up in the 40s and they watched westerns every weekend at the movies. But I think they had more in common. Their parents rode buggies and horses. My pa drove a wagon drawn by mules. I have only his residual memories and my son has even less of that. I have begun making it a point to watch westerns with my children and try to foster those fading memories.