Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The News is Now

So NASA is predicting that an earthquake will hit California in the next 30 months. And by NASA I mean the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Looking at the fault line it seems that there is enough stress and tension there that will build up to an earthquake of 5.0 or greater.

I think its a safe bet to say that Cali will experience an earthquake in the next 30 months. Since even a quick survey of simple data on wikipedia shows an earthquake over 5.0 happening in Cali every 3-6 years for the last hundred years.

I love these predictions. They are made and if they happen then everyone pats themselves on the back, but when they don't everyone forgets about it. I'm pretty sure we were supposed to all be dead by 2012 or something.

But look! I'm still balancing my damn check book.

Yes Cali will have an earthquake. NEXT time NASA should at least try to sell us something with their prediction of air clouds and wind.

At least go for broke if you are going to do it...

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