Friday, October 23, 2015

The Fortentz

It is said of our people that we have faces of wood. It is said that the All Father looked upon us and thought that we did not have the fire of life, that we were without passion for the breath he gave. It is said that he set us aside for we were flawed and he had no love for us. But this is not the truth of it. The All Father made all the Faulerde upon the forge and set them aside to await the Breath of Life. And when it came our fathers and mothers awoke and looked upon Erde to discover our purpose. And he gave us over to Mordius the Green, his daughter, for he knew that we were of a like mind with her and that our strength would be hers and hers would be ours. But to be hers we had to leave the forge, for he would speak of the Alenerde-ut-Pilt, the Language of Creation, and it would but cloud out the knowledge that Mordius was to give us. So our forefathers and mothers left the Forge and entered the wide world.

~ Barilic Isel, Jul

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