Monday, October 12, 2015

Primal Druids

Unlike the more recognized priests of nature, the druidism of the Primal Druids is less a religion than it is a culture and belief system. Primal Druids respect and fear nature, but do not worship it. They view themselves not as a race separate and removed from nature as many humans do, but as creatures from and part of nature.

The natural world is not known for sympathy, democracy, or tolerance. The strong, quick, and cunning rule. They fee on or subjugate the weak, slow, and dumb. Primal Druids are much in tune with this philosophy. They are not cruel or evil, but instead strive to live by the laws of the wild, which are few in number and of which the most important is survival. It is the natural order that species become extinct as more fit species come along, and the Primal Druids seek to ensure that they have a place within nature.

Primal Druids respect nature and defend their territory, but they are not fanatical conservationists. Nature is a force of power beyond any person’s imagination. It does not need defenders. Indeed, nature performs more self-destructive acts against itself than people will ever do. Droughts occur, followed by fires started by lightning which burn hundreds of square miles. Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes all wreak havoc upon the world.

Primal Druids provide an interesting alternative to the druid class, especially for those non-druid characters who develop an affinity for nature and its order. It is rare for druids to become primal druids, but some turn to the Primal Druid belief system. 

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