Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Of the Dwarves

The All Father Runen dwelt with the King of Norgorad Kam for many years until he passed into stone. He spoke of many things, but often of his people and where they came from. The following was transcribed from a store he told to the sons of the King.

The Earegorth were cast in molds by the All Father upon the slopes of Mount Astrien over twelve thousand years ago. We were the first to speak with the All Father and the first take heed to his message. As is known Hlothver spoke to the All Father and asked of him that he set the price for the lives he gave us, for we were in his debt. He answered with muscles of his back and the sinew of his arms and the strength of his hands, for he went back to work upon the forge. And thus we had our answer and knew that our debt of creation must be paid in a like coin. Those were happy days. We were his first children and he taught us what we would learn. Those were our early years, in the days of youth, in the waning of the Days before Days.

It was then that the All Father, in his knowledge of all things, saw the Earegorth for what they were mortals, and that our bodies, though strong and filled with power, eventually gave out and yielded to the River of Time. He saw that we rejoined that stream and ended eternity in the deeps of the Endless Pools. He would not have it so and he set aside a place, part of and apart from, the River and there he set road marks for us to follow when life left our bodies. And these road marks brought us to a new home, the Stone Fields, so called for those who dwelt there built pillars upon the green meadows, that recounted all the great deeds of their lives.

When he passed on to other tasks he left us upon the mountain to best decide how to repay him and so we did. We dug into the earth and sought materials for the making. We were as children, without experience or any true design, but we were strong and fearless and eager. Thus the caves of Gorthurag were unearthed and in time became our first home, and Agrind became our first king and he ruled with a steady hand for many long years.

~ Of the Dwarves

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