Monday, October 26, 2015

Five Line Movie Review ~ Bone Tomahawk

I had the opportunity to watch Bone Tomahawk this past weekend. Starring Kurt Russel, Patrick Wilson, Lili Simmins, Richard Jenkins and Mathew Fox (star of Lost..took me awhile to figure that one out) this movie plunged westerns where no western I know of has gone before.

Now the Review...

The movie opens with an eye-closing, gut flinching, scene that belies the cowboy story that unfolds when a young wife (simmins) is abducted and her husband (wilson), the sheriff (russel) a gun fighter (fox) and elderly deputy (jenkins) plunge into the desert to rescue her. With flawless editing the movie weaves in and out of a classic western that could star Jimmy Stewart or John Wayne and bone-chilling horror film that rivals the best of them. The western side...from the dry setting to absolutely amazing performances by all the cast...really puts you in the old west, from traveling a-horse to on foot, sleeping under the stars and the dangers every simple encounter can bring . . . and all this with a broken leg. The horror is so casual that it's upon you before you realize it, and your brain has hardly any chance to recognize the hand chopping, finger losing, arrow through the wrist, throat cutting, bone cleaver splitting the naked, spread eagle upside-down cowboy before you are so buried in it you can't get out. A fantastic blend of two genres that if you enjoy either you'll love the movie, and if you enjoy both, you are in for a treat like no other.

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