Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Word of the Day -- Glogg

Glogg is a hot spiced wine and liquor punch served in Scandinavian countries as a Christmas drink.  It is a holiday favorite in many Scandinavian cultures, where it is commonly served on St. Lucia's Day (December 13) and all around Christmas time. Not surprisingly, the word "glogg" itself (sometimes written as "glögg") is of Scandinavian origin; it comes from Swedish and derives from the verb "glödga," meaning "to burn" or "to mull." But although "glogg" may look like it should rhyme with that other notable holiday beverage—"eggnog"—the two aren't quite a perfect match. The "o" in "glogg" is pronounced like either the "u" in "nut," the "oo" in "foot," or the more foreign-sounding "œ" in "bœuf," the French word for "beef." "Nog," on the other hand, is generally pronounced with the "o" as in "mop"—and thus it rhymes with "grog."

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