Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Would Dracula Say

Bats are awesome. I know this because they are continually getting in the print shop and flying around. They fly and look cool. And apparently, as was pointed out to me not long ago on this blog, their bones are so weak they can hardly carry their own body weight (most of them). As a mammal I'm thinking they are part of our extended family tree; and as the only flying mammal they are unique.

This is awesome:

BUT . . .  apparently bats are frequently eaten by spiders, they are snared in the spider's web and devoured like any old insect. These are usually younger bats of course as older ones can break the webbing.

But being a mammal, and therefor part of my extending family tree, the bat deserves a little better than to be snared in a giant arachnid's web, trussed up, dehydrated and the juices drained from his fragile little body. It might be time to petition the UN to pass a spider-on-bat resolution or something.

One wonders what dracula would do if he were flying around in bat form and became ensnared in a spider web. I suppose he could transform back . . . but what an inglorious end if the spider bit him first.


Anonymous said...

Vampire bats are one of the few that can walk on the ground. I did a behavioral study on them in college because when I saw them walk at the zoo, I thought they moved like dragons.


Stephen Chenault said...

Jeff! I remember you mentioning that (vaguely referenced in the commentary). I need to find a video of that . . .

Anonymous said...

The downside of multiple forums and a muddled brain. As few as I visit, I can still forget on which one I told a story. :-)

I didn't find a good video of a slow crawl toward the camera (the view that hooked me--the snot was part of the illusion), but "vampire bat running" will get you an interest video on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Snot? Snout. Very similar, really. Neither is very pretty on a vampire bat.