Thursday, March 28, 2013

Russian Glacier Lakes and Hitler

This news feed went so far south that it catches one by surprise . . . .

The Russians have, for some time, been drilling in Antarctica, attempting to breach the wall of an under-glacial fresh water lake. Several months ago they broke through the nearly 3000 meters of ice to tap the water.

What they found was . . . well, water. But it had some microbial creatures in it that were new to us and apparently survived in the deep dark and cold of their monumental tomb.

But then, the Russian media report that this is close to where Admiral Donitz claimed that the Third Reich had built a secret fortress to house the Furor. And that after the war several submarines were sent there, carrying secret records, and the remains of Adolf and Eva in order to clone them later.

Leave it to the Russians.

Ria Novosti.

I guess down there, somewhere in the ice locked caverns of the remnants of the Nazi Empire there stands a whole crop of Hitler Clones . . .

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