Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Scientists want to bring back 24 different species that have become extinct in the past few hundred to several thousands of years. They include the dodo bird, tasmanian devil, and mammoth.

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This is an interesting concept, and has all kinds of implications. Presumably they are going to place the embryos of targetted species in the wombs of existing species. If so, we'll find out fast . . . assuming the creature survives . . . if the DNA of the mother can influence the creature itself. And if so, all manny of hybrid beasts could be born.

Not only can we see the mammoth once again tread the plains of North America and Northern Europe, but  maybe, just maybe we can bring back, er actually create (?) beasts like the manticore or chimera and whatever this thing is that is just bad ass!


Anonymous said...

It's the Tasmanian tiger they want to bring back. The devil is still with us, and there's speculation that bringing back the tiger will help the devil survive.

There was a Willam Dafoe movie a couple years back that had him hunting the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger. I haven't watched it yet, but it's on my (long) list.


Stephen Chenault said...

So there is a tasmanian tiger and a tasmanian devil? Now that's just too cool! Maybe I should go to Tasmania and see what's going on there!