Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is an interesting movie. It begins with unique premise that Abe Lincoln was more than a President; Lincoln had an alter ego, he was a vampire hunter . . . I surmised that much from the title at least.

It turns out that when he was a child Abe's mother was slain by a angry slave merchant because she and Abe both had interfered with the sale and beating of several slaves. Abe swore to hunt the fellow down and kill him. When he attempts to do so his plans go awry as he discovers that the merchant is in fact one of the living dead. He is rescued from his folly by a vampire hunter and sets out on the road of hunting and killing vampires.

In the course of events as he's battling vampires all over town he learns that slavery is actually a front, or partially so, for the secret vampire nation that dwells throughout the Union. They feed on the slaves in secret.

Time passes and Abe sets aside his axe to fight slavery (in order we suspect to weaken the vampire nation) and thus the civil war begins. It gets even weirder after that as vampire armies...immune to the sun because of some lip balm or some such...take up the grey and attack union armies. Silver is gathered from all over DC to stop them at Gettsburg where they are defeating the Union.

The action sequences in the movie are really cool; the figure of tall Abe wielding an axe and lopping open vampires is pretty cool. There is a scene in Louisiana where Abe and his  pals battle the super bad guy vampire, its really well done. Some crazy wagon rides too. But the overall vampire nation/civil war vampires/Gettsburg/sunblock scenes are rather out of whack.

The movie is fun, with good action, setting and the first part of the story is actually a pretty cool yarn; but the latter half of the movie goes off reservation and ends up in very weird alternate history.   Of course what did I expect with the title Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

I give it two trolls!


DesignZombie said...

Oh man, our bass player dressed like him last weekend and I wish I had a picture.

Anyway, he told us that the book was also really good, but unlike the movie, he said it did not seemed to take itself that serious.

Thanks for the review!

Stephen Chenault said...

If this movie had been done tongue in cheek it would have been awesome!

Ronin78 (~Ronin~) said...

My wife said its a 6/10 while the books is a 10/10. As with most books....The movie is never as good.