Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Point Buy for the cleric

The Point Buy for Spells

I am also proposing that the cleric be able topurchase spells through a point buy sysytem. Eachspell is given a value andthe cleric has x number of spel,points to use to purchase those spells. To reduce the machine gun effect, I am also proposing a failure system for repetative casting of the same spell. 

To make matters work for this evening I am proposing a simple numeration. Spell cost is equal to the level acquired +1. 0 level spells are worth 1 point, 1st level spells are worth two points, 2nd level spells are worth 4 points, etc. My cleric will have a purchasing power equal to his levels total point value in spells based on a different equation. See chart.

level   spell points
1             5
2             8
3             11
4             16
5             20
6             28
7             35

That would be 35 points with a 3 point kicker due to wisom bonus for a 38 total. The immediate problem that I see is the capacity to throw a lot of high level spells - four to be exact. Now, does this unduly unbalance the cleric. At first glance, I thought that it would, but on the whole, those spells are not very powerful and exclusive use of them would obviate some of the cleric's other beneficial uses and quickly reduce him to a combat grunt. So for tonights game, I am going to stick with this set-up.

nother rule I am plopping in is an attribute check for multiple uses ofnthe same spell. The checks are straight wisdom checks. The first use is succesful, the second has a -1 wisdom check to succed, then -2, -4, -6 etc.

That said, I will be changing some of the spells and adding or subtracting costs to them. For example, of the top of my head, I think I am going to bump healing circle to a 10 point cost. I will post on the results and see what Steve's take is on the whole deal.

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