Friday, September 21, 2012

the cleric part two

So, reimagining the cleric for my game is leading me down several different paths and along some unexpected tangents. In short, I have begun to reframe magic such that dilineations between spell casting characters can be made through the nature of the spells they cast.

My first premise is that there are two types of magic in the multi-verse; arcane and divine. The differences between the two are somewhat nebulous in the details though as a superstructure I am thinking the arcane manipulates the multiverse whereas the divine, for lack of better words, creates or reshapes the multiverse. Further, the arcane has little direct effect on sentient beings whereas the divine can have direct effect.

I'll try and give an example.  Let us imagine a thick wooden door. The arcane spell caster could cast something like 'sunder' and shatter the door. The divine caster has few options. The door is not sentient and the wood is long dead. I am imagining a spell like 'Force of the Gods' by which the divine caster could cause the door to give way. That would be dependent on checks though (I am currently imaginging quite a few checks).  Then again, it may be the case that the door should simply not open forthe cleric. 

Another example is fireball. I am imagining    Code the arcane caster as needing fire (say a torch) in order to cast the fireball from. On the other hand, the cleric could actually create fire though  not create a fireball.  Anyway, just some thoughts I am throwing around now.

Not sure, still working these through and should be focusing on the cleric alone.

So, the cleric, as I am considering it, should have domains. By domains, I mean spiritual arenas that reflect a patron deity or pantheon.  Or better yet, the cleric would choose a domain to focus on - or not.

The domains I am thinking of fall within the framework of religions. For example, the domain of life, the domain of death, the domain conflict, the domain of honor, etc. The domain selected would influence both the manner and effect and even outcome of spells.

So, lets say one cleric chooses the domain of life and another the domain of death. Then, lets thow out a heal spell. Both could cast it, but the cleric with the domain of life would have better heals that the cleric with the domain of death. The reverse, of course, cause wounds or whatever,  is better suited to the cleric with the domain of life. A cleric with no domain gets an average result.

Sop that is the direction I am going now.

Here are some spell ideas I am kicking around as well.

Soul Search: allows the caster to follow the trace of someon's soul

Will of the Gods: Allows the caster to influence people to undertake an action the cleric is involved in

Force of the gods: allows the caster to cause something to happen like a door opening a bell ringing or something like that

Spiritual Presence: detects holy place

know religion: allows the caster to know the spiritual affiliation of the targeor area - this should be, i am thinking, an innate ability.

alter fate: changes a failed check to a successful check on the target

healing: varies with domain and level but goes all the way to ressurection

Voice of the gods : causes wisdom damage

holy armor: the cleric calls forth an armor that magically encases their body

blessing spells: various effects by level


R.J. Thompson said...

Davis, don't let me tell you how to run your company, but "know religion" should most certainly Not be an innate ability. What should be done with it is, possibly an Orison? That would make it not at will, but still easy to access, much like Detect Evil or Detect Magic.

Your game is my go to game, in fact I'm currently working on a couple of modules to present to you Trolls. However, I've also been dealing with the arcane in the same way that you are dealing with the divine. Perhaps we should talk some time and throw some ideas back and forth.

Stephen Chenault said...


I had to google orison. LOL. Vocab 101 for me again. Interestingly it lead me to a few other neat words...
petition, prayer

benediction, blessing - a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection

commination - prayers proclaiming God's anger against sinners

deprecation - a prayer to avert or remove some evil or disaster

intercession - a prayer to God on behalf of another person

invocation, supplication - a prayer asking God's help as part of a religious service

requiescat - a prayer for the repose of the soul of a dead person

I sorta can't make up my mind. We playtested the "know religion" (i hate the name) as a normal spell, but it didn't feel right. Perhaps I am not conveying my intent as well as I would like. It seems a cleric might know when they are in the presence of 'spiritual' stuff - like a temple. They would just feel it. Heck, we normal humans almost always know when we are in hallowed ground (whether mundane or sacred). Then on top of that (as a swell) maybe a check to determine the religion. That was steve's thought as well.

yeah we can bounce around the magic tree, that'd be awesome, maybe on the boards so everyone else can see?

R.J. Thompson said...

Sounds like a plan to me, and yes, with how you describe "know religion" (how about sense hallowed space or something to that effect?) it makes more sense as an ability.