Thursday, September 13, 2012

Know Your Dice

Apparently researchers in yet another utterly useless use of research grants or at the very least, their time, have been studying how to predict what numbers dice will land on when they are thrown.

"By using a high speed camera to track a die's movement as it is thrown and bounces, they found the probability of the die landing on the face that is the lowest one at the beginning is larger than the probability of landing on any other face."

More...or Less.

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SAROE said...

It seems to be a perfectly valid sort of thing to study and have published in the journal CHAOS. Which is published by the American Institute of Physics (which might not actually be a thing, but sounds like it is a thing). I don't claim to understand Chaos Theory in any depth (although I do use it to justify hunting butterflies with shotguns), but it does seem to have become a valid field of study in Mathematics and Physics.