Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Knucklebones is a game that originated in Greece...or so Sophacles tells us...invented by a man named Palamedes. Some bonehead on Wikipedia announced that it is "doubtless Asiatic" and proceeded to discuss how its from Greece. My guess is that Sophacles was wrong and the lost wikipedia soul is just a bonehead. When Clumsy Carp, B.C. and Grog were eating their dinner in front of the cave they doubtless got into a contest over who would get to chew on the sheep knuckles and started throwing them in the air and grabbing them off the ground.

But despite the origins, it consists of throwing objects on the ground, reserving one in hand, which you then toss up. You try to pick up as many objects off the ground as you can, before the other one touches earth. You try to catch it in route if you can. Knucklebones = Jacks.

This game has been around for awhile.

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