Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First official cleric change request

For the home game. In short, Steve has been running our egular game for two to three years now and I am playing a cleric. As per my previous entries, I have ben pondering some changes for our game to liven up the cleric so I can better play the character in the manner I prefer.

As such, my first official rules change request will be to have spells on demand rather than memorized. I am not opposed to Vancian Magic but feel it is innapropriate for my cleric. My character needs to be able to fulfill the gods wishes and, as I see it, for the character to best be able to do that, he should be able to use any of the spells the gods have given him the power to use, as needed.

Would this change much? I don't see it as a significant change. The spell lists are limited and most of the spells are suport spells and, other than the buffs and a few other spells, have little immediate impact on play. However, seeing the possibility for abuse, I have decided to self limit certain types of spells and make the casting of others more dificult.

As such, the cure light and serious and heal spells will become ritual spells. In fact, I will likely conflate them into one spell with effects dependent on level and casting time. The buffing spells will be dealtbwith similarly.



GrayPumpkin said...

Back in the day, that is exactly how we handled Clerics. Worked just fine for us.

Davis Chenault said...


for getting my way. i'll see what the roll is.

Unknown said...

Something else to look at for inspiration on how to do this is the 3.5 Complete Divine's Favored Soul class. Basically, it's to clerics what sorcerors are to wizards. I'm sure if you don't have it yourself, the pdf is available at various download sites like 4shared or some torrent site.
Perhaps you could choose each morning what your "spells known" are going to be for the day?