Tuesday, September 18, 2012

D&D Next

In an interview with WoTC's brand director, Nathan Stewart was asked "Why are you call the next edition of Dungeonss and Dragons D&D Next and not D&D 5e?

Nathan's response: "We don’t have an official name yet since the product is still in development.  D&D Next is just the moniker that we are using now."
 I wish that they would drop any "moniker" and call the game Dungeons and Dragons. Nothing else. Just Dungeons and Dragons. More interview at ICv2  here.


Ben Overmyer said...

To be fair, this kind of thing is pretty common practice in the software industry.

And if I may say so, a fair number of us who operate in the gaming industry are associated with the software industry in some capacity.

So... D&D Next, the Metro UI, these temporary names are fine by me.

Ronin78 (~Ronin~) said...

People will call it 5E no matter what WOTC calls it. And they did drop the "advanced" off the name, Baby steps.

R.J. Thompson said...

Either way, it's seemed to me, from the beginning that they were trying to make something that already exists. Something that could appease lovers of editions 1 - 3. Something that would allow plug & play from 1 - 3. Wait, we already have this. It's called Castles & Crusades.

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