Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Armageddon Installment

With the looming Armageddon (why does my spell correct want that capitalized, is it a place?) its good to brush up on our various survival skills. One of the most common things you'll need...from hanging food in trees to keep it away from the less prepared and bears, to climbing cliffs and crossing rope. Its easy to do and all you'll need is a hand operated rope making machines. You can get everything you need to make this invaluable commodity right at

While your neighbor is struggling with how to get his Ipad to recharge after the power runs out, you'll be rappelling down the side of the building to escape the crazies.

Armageddon Tip: If you character needs it to get through the latest dungeon adventure, chances are, you'll need it to get through Armageddon.


SAROE said...

The cross is so you can use it to turn zombies?

The Grey Elf said...

Actually, yes, it is a place--the Armageddon plain. It's not the final battle, but rather a location associated with the final battle, which is thought by scholars to be the plain at the foot of Mount Meggido. The term actually appears only once in the Bible:

"Then the evil spirits gathered the kings together. The place where the kings met is called Armageddon in the Hebrew language." (Rev. 16:16)