Monday, July 12, 2021

An Art History of the Works of Robert E. Howard

Troll Lord Games and our parent company Chenault and Gray Publishing are proud to plunge into the world pop culture art history once again. Two years ago we released the multi volume, full color, Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology, now we plunge into the many worlds of Robert E. Howard,  and explore their depictions in comics, novels and pulps.

Robert E. Howard, REH for short, is best known for creating Conan the Barbarian who originally appeared in the 1930's pulp, Weird Tales, and has since gone on to appear in novels, cartoons, comic books, movies, a short lived tv show and now, rumor has it, has joined the Avengers. But REH created far more than just Conan. Kull the Conqueror, Soloman Kane, Bran Mak Morn, Cormac, as well as non fantasy work: westerns, boxing and detective stories. His short career was filled to the brim and depicted by countless artists. 

We are producing the FOUR volume Robert E. Howard Art Chronology, an illustrative history of all Howard’s' publications in the United States. Written and compiled by Michael Tierney, the narrative gives the history of Howard's work and the often legendary artists who visualized it, and includes such giants as Frank Frazetta and Michael Whelan, featuring untold stories, art that hasn't been seen since its release, and pieces that were buried in the vaults from the beginning of his publishing history to the present day.

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This project is as much a narrative history of REH's publications as it is a visual history. Michael Tierney, the author, has combed the archives and gathered together a vast treasure trove of art from hundreds of artists from multiple eras, from pulp covers, to interior art, from novels that range on both sides of the Atlantic to the vast array of comic books that sported REH's amazing creations. He's taken these and woven them into a discussion that explores the many facets of the various industries and Howard's place within them.

Officially licensed and sanctioned by Robert E. Howard Properties LLC, Inc., this nearly 1,200 page examination of the vast publishing illustrative history of Robert E. Howard is divided into four parts and each grouped chronologically. You can click on this link to view a sample of the Edgar Rice Burroughs set. (NOTE: the resolution on the samples is reduced to make for faster downloads). It will appear as a full color, hardcover book series and in digital format for PDF readers.

  • Volume 1: The Pulps The Dawn of the Age of Science Fiction
  • Volume 2: The Books Literature With Sharp Cutting Edges
  • Volume 3: Comics The Universal Language Part 1
  • Volume 4: Comics The Universal Language Part 2

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