Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This has to be one of the coolest animals to walk the earth. Its nice to know that their populations have all rebounded in North America. 

Though I would rather not be caught in the wilds by a pack of them. I watched my hounds take Todd down one day. Todd's a big dude, over six feet and watching two healers and a Australian Shepard take him to the ground was amazing.  One hit him at an angle from behind, biting his shirt and swinging herself around while holding the shirt. Her momentum turned town in that direction and the other hit him from the side to continue him in that direction and third hit him about 4 seconds later and he spun all the way around and landed on his back.

Nothing short of amazing.

And a little scary. 


Christopher D. said...

What's really interesting is how there are very very few documented wolf attacks on people in North America. While in Europe and Asia many documented attacks have occured. though many of the latter are associated with rabid wolves and not healthy ones.

Anonymous said...

I'll occasionally encounter one, usually solo. On my current ski trails they usually just cross over, but I used to share a ski trail with a pack. I was never worried about it. However...

When snow conditions are just right and it's quiet, your ski tails can make it sound like someone is following you. I was on that trail as dusk was fading to night, and my ski tails were making that sound.

When I got home I wrote my only werewolf story. :-)


Mark Martin said...

Were the dogs playing with Todd or was it a real attack?

Troll Lord said...

Yeah, wolf attacks are rare. But in watching them take down Todd I thought, lord in C&C that trip ability is not enough.

Troll Lord said...

Jeff, That sounds pretty cool. I may have to track up there and join you sometime. The quiet sounds very inviting. Love snow when there's no wind.

Troll Lord said...

Mark, they were playing. We were playing soccer when they went for him. They were part of the game, chasing the ball, running bark, leaping at it and us. I guess they just figured best way to stop the ball was to stop Todd. It worked! hahah But they weren't begin agressive. These three dogs of mine (had five at the time) worked as pack all the time. They played rough with each other, hunted cats that strayed in the yard), birds, etc. Good natured dogs, just rough.

Anonymous said...

A friend was telling me he thought this dog might be able to take a wolf. Only 65 pounds, but he's a scrapper.

I told him his dog might be a scrapper, but it's still an amateur. The wolves are professionals.

He thought about that for a few seconds and decided maybe I was right. Good news for his dog.

TL, not too many windless days up here in winter anymore. Big change from when I was young.