Monday, November 17, 2014

The Fael Mure

All the great lands of Ethrum and Aenochia suffered from the cold and the filtered sun. The winters were long, the springs short, cold, and wet, and food was scarce. In many places the snow did not melt in summer, keeping the land locked in a season of death. In the early years of the Winter Dark, the suffering was great indeed, and many died for lack of food and shelter. Many took to the road and wandered, others ate the beasts of the field and hunted creatures great and small for food.

As is known by the wise, when Erde first made the world all was dark, and there was no light but the fire of the waking mountains. The All Father longed for light, and he plucked a rib from his body and gave it life and light and this light he named Mailahm. He cast Mailahm into the heavens for her to bring light to the world, and under her gentle touch all manner of plants blossomed and thrived in the half dark of the world's youth. These plants, seeds set by Mordius of the Val Eahrakun long before, grew wild and abundant beneath the light of the moon. They are counted the Fael Mure, and grew for an age before even the dwarves and dragons walked the earth. After the coming of Mailuhm, that is the sun, and true daylight, many of the plants of the Fael Mure died off for they could not long suffer the light of the sun and fell from the memory of all things. Their seeds lay beneath the earth for the long Rin of the world, but in the half-light of the Winter Dark, these plants rose again from their long slumber. Within only a few seasons they grew, and people learned to cultivate them, and animals to eat them, and the world's suffering grew less with each year that passed.

The return of the Fael Mure is accounted a wonder by most, and an accident of happenstance by many, but others say that Mordius understood the world of the All Father's making more than any other. Though her eyes never strayed to the Arc of Time, she bore a wisdom few could match. Some say she fashioned the seeds in the darkness of the world for a time of greater darkness. Thus it was that she was one of the greatest of the Val Eahrakun.

And so, while it took many long years, the want faded, and men adjusted to the world of the Winter Dark.

~The Codex of Aihrde (Coming to Kickstarter soon)

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