Monday, October 06, 2014


Wenafar first concerned herself with the birds, flowers, vines, and other things that walked and crawled and grew. She is the mother of all birds, making them of herself. She had little concourse with the other gods but for Mordius and Frafnog, who loved her. She set the stars in motion in the heavens and Frafnog lit them. Many called to her on long roads and difficult journeys, for she was the light in the darkness. When the All Father's mind split and the Land of Seven, Rivers came to be, Wenafar chose that realm as her home; there she guided the elves and other fey in their journeys and thus earned the title of Faerie Queen. In Aihrde she rose to true prominence through her struggles with Unklar. Wenafar commands the elements and the fey, and watches over the animals and peoples of the forests.

Wenafar appears as a beautiful maiden, young but with the air of age about her. Her hair is long and usually drawn back and pinned. Birds follow her wherever she goes and there is always an orange oriole upon her shoulder. She prefers long single-piece gowns with wide, deep sleeves. She hides twin gates in these sleeves, one to the land of Seven Rivers and the other to the Shadow Realm.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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