Thursday, October 09, 2014

We go to Space

We have taken a hiatus from the realm of fantasy and have travelled to space. Chris wanted to run a classic traveller game so here we are. I decided to morph an character from a previous Starsiege game into a traveller character. I am playing a detective, retired. We have taken off into space and are just starting our exploration of the various star systems and planets.

Our crew consists of the….

Captain: Older gent. Ex navy, wandered from job to job on Mora for a time until the law caught up with a friend of his.

The Fencer: Middle aged, refined and well known swordsman. Mingled with the upper crust of Mora's landed class before finding himself with no property nor prospects.

The Mechanic: Highly recognized engineer who happened to have a lot of "accidents" in his career before finding himself ostracized from his fellow scientists.

The Marine: Roughneck shooter eager for a fight and a chance to make some money.

The Pilot: The glorious career of a navy pilot ends with few benefits for those who did not move up in the ranks. Tends not to follow social protocol.

The Detective: A detective forced to retire under questionable circumstances and asked to 'disappear' so that the memory of his act goes away as well.

Cool crew. Chris has a good set up. We are mixing the imagery of Blade Runner, Dark Star, and Firefly for our game feel. We are steering away from the Star Wars and Star Trek type stuff - at least for now.

We will keep you updated.

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Anonymous said...

That still is from one of the best space-battle scenes ever to grace the big screen.