Monday, October 06, 2014

Robert, Mel and Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man as you've come to know him (that applies to either one or the other), mentioned over at deadline that he'd return to the role of Iron Man if, and only if, Mel Gibson was tasked to direct it. 

That's just interesting. 

Mel Gibson has to be one of the best directors in or out of Hollywood. His films are amazing. If you don't believe me just watch is latest, Get the Gringo. Its fantastic. He's right up there with Ridley Scott with his attention to detail and his ability to create and manage the pace. Bringing him on a super-hero movie would be a huge step for that genre. All the movies are pretty standard now, they do little to surprise the audience. They're good, but rapidly becoming standard fare. 

Slap em up! Bring on Mel. That's a fantastic idea!

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