Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Others saw Ealor’s work and came to the water too, and they slipped under them and swam the deeps. But he was always the first and the greatest of those to command the waters.

It came to pass that Ealor stood upon a large outcropping of rock, laughing as a wave battered the land to pieces. But as he watched a great light sprung up across the water and stretched for as far as his eye could see. He was mesmerized and watched it for a great while. In time he realized that the light was a reflection of the heavens and he looked up to see Ea-Raena, who brought light to the world in a broad curtain. He loved her then, for in her he saw a wondrous beauty and a joy that made all things cast gentle shadows. He dove into the waters and swam far out to sea and called her to him with a horn he fashioned of stone.

Ea-Raena heard the horn and saw Ealor in the water below and she in turn was captivated. For the waters, calmed by the mind of Ealor, cast back a reflection of her light. And she saw herself for the first time, not as she saw herself, but as the All Father saw her. Cast in the mold of Mordius, she was a woman born, shapely with long silvered hair. She descended to the sea upon winds of her own making and gently reached out to touch her reflection in the waters. But Ealor had the better of her and laughing, reached a hand through the water and pulled her into the deep quiet. He pulled her down, drowning the light of the moon, but for her part, she cared not, and laughed at his mischief and swam with him.

He brought her to his Halls beneath the water and for her amusement created all manner of creatures. Thus the fish, whales, and other beasts besides came to be. He made the merfolk in imitation of Ea-Raena and himself, and she placed the light of knowledge in them, given to her by the All Father. And so they peopled the sea for many ages.

~The Andanuth

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