Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Frozen Salt Flats

The lands to the north Ursal are frozen wastes.Unklar’s freezing grip and icy breath are still felt in this fell region. Once a flowering, open savanna covered in dark warm grasses and thick black firs stood here. But war came and the gods wrestled. Naarheit forbide Unklar dominance and the Horned God contested his wild power. For long days they fought, the venom of their contest spoiling all it touched. Naarheit stood his ground for he was unspoilt by the years of creation and as always his power skirted the Judgement of Corthain, but Unklar was the more powerful and filled with the rage of his youth. Eventually he struck down the Lord of Chaos but not before all the land around was poisoned, frozen in a salty glacier that sat upon the land like a great squat toad.

Miles thick, in places split, broken, torn by deep crevices or high crags, while in others as flat as any glass. It is cold and the ice is poisoned with salt. It its a nightmore for the northern rim of the Grundliche Mountains for the north wind always blows cold, coming as it does from the Frozen Salt Flats. The glacier crushes the earth, but is not content with what it owns, stretching its fingers in all directions when the winter's last overlong.

Snow heaps and furls over the peaks, while shallow salty lakes amass atop the glacier during the summer melt. In its crevasse and splits and amongst its thrusting sections and razor sharp jags are innumerable shifting caves of ice.

What little lives in this land is most terrifying, for only Unklar’s minions could survive in such an inhospitable place. But tales speak of massive white bears with long shaggy hair and teeth the size of small daggers, of slim six legged lizards with brilliant white scales that glimmer in the moonlight, and other fell beasts. Some brave souls do make their way to these lands, for into them fled the last remnants of Unklar’s people after he was cast down and they brought with them great wealth. Wealth that has long since disappeared into the caverns and palaces of ice beneath the frosty wasteland.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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