Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Antlered God

When the first light fell upon the eves of the Valley of Kayomar, Let spied the river Ardeen. He crossed from the Void and came to the river to sate his thirst. The water was pure and clear and he saw in it the end of things, and knew of the Arc of Time. He took himself to Toth and there called on him for answers to what must come, and Toth told him only that "from all endings, there are beginnings." For this reason Let became hope to all living creatures. For a great long while he wandered the world, watching it unfold, but he at last returned to the waters where first he drank of the river of Ardeen, for it was more refreshing than all others. So he dwelt in the Ethvold, for by those days, Tefnut had grown her garden far and wide.

Let always appears as a large stag with antlers like a crown. He stands 12' tall at the shoulder and is rusty brown with a white underbelly. He calls in a deep voice every time he sees the sun rise above the horizon, for this heralds a new day.

Though the Ethvold is long gone, worship of Let continued for many years. Only during the Winter Dark did it wane, for his calls fell off when the sun never rose and many assumed he had fallen to the Horned God, but recent years have seen the god's return. Though he dwells in the Net of Ea-Raena, he comes to Aihrde to drink of the river Ardeen and other rivers of the broad valleys. He is still actively worshipped in the Darkenfold and Eldwood, as well as regions of the Valley of Kayomar.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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