Monday, August 11, 2014

Of the Winter Dark

Upon a time Unklar rose to the highest reaches of Aufstrag and he looked out and into the Void, searching for the Unddeeps where he dwelt for the many ages of the world. But the Wall of Worlds obscured his view and he saw it as a fence that kept him out of the world's making and the joy of its youth. And he hated it.

With his great might Unklar devoured the fog of the Wall of Worlds, consuming it, so that a greater part of its might came to reside within him. It discomfited him, for it was of the All Father's design and making and as such bore all the power of the Language of Creation. And Unklar saw creatures from the Void were coming to Aihrde and he saw in them both evil and good but he feared them, for he had not seen the Arc of Time, and knew nothing of the world after his own creation.

In a great blast he vomited forth the Wall of Worlds and it flowed from the spires of Aufstag as a powerful wind, cold and bitter. Great clouds of his stink settled far and wide across Aihrde, blanketing all in a world of winter and dark. It settled upon the world as a fog, rising into the heavens, dampening the light of the sun. The fog, men named the Shroud of Darkness or the Cold Mist, for with it came a terrible freezing. Sheets of snow and sleet blanketed the northern lands in ice, and much of the south as well. The Shroud hung over Aihrde for 800 years, and in time the warmth of the sun and the pure, unfiltered light of day, became legends to the people.

And Winter Dark settled upon the land.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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