Saturday, August 09, 2014

Let's make this happen!

Well, the votes about the Storyteller's Thesaurus Kickstarter are in, and they are pretty overwhelming in favor of hardcover, with 87% of you preferring to see this book in hardcover as opposed to soft.  So let's make that happen!  Our newest stretch goal is going to be at $30,000.  If we do that, everyone that is getting a print copy will get it in hard instead of soft.  This will ensure that the book is more durable, easier to use and more pleasant to work with. 

We currently are at $20,300 (yay, the poster goal is reached!) so we don't have that far to go, but with only 8 days left, it is a bit of an uphill climb.  But with your help, we can make it happen.  If you are at $10, consider upgrading to the $25 level.  This will not only get it in hardcover (if we reach 30K) but also get you the anthology in print as well and any other stretch rewards at that level.  

So help spread the word and let's get this into hardcover!  You can use this link: to share with friends and tell them about this great endeavor we are undertaking. 

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