Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Digi-Print Wars Continue

Hachette and Amazon continue their pricing dispute. Amazon has pushed drop the pricing of all titles, which includes the huge assortment of Manga titles from Hachette (the giant book publisher), to $9.99, which is a heavy cut from $14.99.  Amazon argues that the reduced price, increases over all sales and increases revenue up to 16%. Hachette has disagreed, arguing that the low prices actually cut into print sales, so the revenue gain might be there for Amazon but it is not for Hachette. Amazon has cut preorders and reduced what they are carrying in stock until they can come to terms.

There are no terms on the table to come to as both sides continue to wrangle. Read on.

The pricing transition from print to digital is nuts, we had our fair share of long horrible discussions a few years back around the CKG. I feel for both sides.

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