Monday, August 22, 2011

Keep the C&C sale going

So you may know we have this sale going on. I've been a-posting it for a few days. Well, Steve and I have had a long lasting disagreement over sale lengths and McDonalds and whether or not he threw our GI Joe over a balcony into a block of fresh concrete or I did.

I prefer sales that last FOREVER. LOL. Steve prefers a more nuanced approach with episodic sales of short duration. I can't argue as Steve keeps the company running. However, in a discussion this morning, I proposed keeping the current sale going for as long as possible to which Steve said, "well, as long as forever only lasts until tomorrow."

Bantering back and forth we came to an agreement. Steve will keep the sale going as long as its offer is generating traffic, getting the word out, or something. I have no idea. Anyway, the upshot is that if anyone mentions the sale on their blog, site or forums, Steve will extend the sale by one day - for each mention per site/blog/whatever.

just send me a link and I'll tell Steve. At least, I think that was our understanding.

What he doesn't know is that I am angling to deepen the sale (product wise). I need to build up to that.


James said...

Ordered me a set and made a post, to keep the sale going:

Keeping the Castles & Crusades Sale Rolling!

Shane Mangus said...

I did my part!

Keep the sale rolling!

Davis Chenault said...

One more day awesome. I won my first disagreement. Steve said no one would cross post. LOL

Now what do I get for winning. I know, a writing assignment.

Dan said...

I did my part:

Troll Lord Sale Going Viral - Keep this thing going and spread the C&C love

Ha, I keep thinking of this: Doing Your Part

Anonymous said...

Probably doesn't count, but I Facebooked a link! Thanks Troll Lords!

Omote said...

I did my part too over at Dragonsfoot. Yo Zagyg!

DragonsFoot posting


Davis Chenault said...

saturday midnight - awesome

i gotta convince steve to throw something else up for sale by next week. its like xmas year round

Pulp Herb said...

And another blog post:

Did you know Castles & Crusades is on sale?

E.L. said...

My shopping cart shows $56.00 for the PH/MT Combo. Did I miss the sale?

Davis Chenault said...

I'm going over top steve's in a couple of hours. we'll fix it. no the saleis extended until sunday.


Troll Lord said...

Dirn fir blast it. Davis told me to extend that sale and I just didn't, got too excited about the release of the Players Handbook on the Kindle and it mucked up my schedule.

But the sale is officially extended through the weekend. Hit the Specials on the site.