Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weapon of the Day - Venetian Ear Knife

So I am  doing some compilations and junk for the Arms and Armor and such. I cam across this cool knife....

The Venetian Ear Knife

I think typically it is a single edge knife, about a foot long. So the cool thing are the two lobes on the pommel. These lobe were often made to appear as human ears. The idea behind the lobes is that the thumb would rest between them allowing for more power on the thrust. However, looking at it and sorta testing with one of ours, the angles of thrust are entirely different than if one were to hold it regularly. It would allow for more thrusting power, especially on a downstroke. And since it has no cross-guard, it could reduce the chance of the hand slipping down the blade on a thrust.

Cool knife.


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