Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weapon of the Day - Spank you spank me

When I first saw this image

I thought... well, I won't say what I thought.

This is a club/paddle, bladed weapon. Its about 15 or so inches long, made of jade or stone and weighs about 2 pounds I think. The broad end is bevelled sharp - as sharp as jade can get anyway. It is held at the short end and used in thrusting motions or alternately as a clubbing weapon. However, I doubt the clubbing was used as often as jabbing for fear of breakage. They could be made of bone or wood as well.

In combat it is used to strike in jabbing or stabbing motions at vulnerable or soft areas like the neck, ribs or head.

It was used by the Maori of New Zealand.

mere in the background.

I lived with a Maori for a while back in the 80s. That dude was bad ass and knew no fear, funny as a whip and probably got in a fight every weak for a year. He was instrumental in convincing me to join the army.

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