Friday, January 30, 2015

Weapon of the Day- Owlbear Spear

So we have a wolf spear in the PHB. However, there never was such a thang as no wolf spear. There were boar and bear spears. These spears were longish, about 5-6 feet in length, fairly hefty and the haft was made of some stout wood. The blades were another for long or so and point or even almost leaf shaped. What makes the bear and boar spare cool are the two nuts coming off the base of the spear.

The nuts were used to keep the charging boar or bear at bay and not move down the shaft of the spear and strike the person holding it. To be effective however the spear would  have to have been firmly grounded - and not into the dirt I would not think. Maybe the bowl of a tree or some such. Earth would be better than nothing but, it is just dirt and a 500lb bear at full charge carries some weight.

anyway boar/bear spear

Now imagine a world full of fantastical beast, immensely strong and hungering for human blood.

And you hunt them!

And there are smiths and metals that rival those found in our world.

So if I were hunting owl bear, I would want some longer nuts on the spear and more of them, with forward facing points as well. The grounding side would have a lug or pick like protusions to help ground it in the earth if necessary.

And longer!!!

Just saying.


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Anonymous said...

Ooh, that brings up fond memories a grand and glorious running three-way battle through a ruined keep between two scouting parties and an owlbear. (It ended with a TEK--total everyone and everything dead. I wonder which army got there first to find our bodies?)

It brings it up because I did the "stand on your spear" thing to brace it against a charging owlbear. As I recall, that did not work out well for me.