Friday, January 23, 2015

Mount Austrien and the All Father

Al-Erde, the All Father, fashioned the first people upon the slopes of Mount Austerien in the Arnhul mountains. As is written:

Erde labored long and hard upon his forges, pounding upon the substance of creation. At first he could not shape his vision and he became angry and his anger fired the forge. He used his tools and lit the embers of desire with the Language and tried to force the shape he saw. But this did not work as he intended. He shook the stuff in His hands, shaping it into molds, but the molds, once set became hard and would not change. He bellowed at the iron and stone that served him, for it was unyielding. He raged against it and his voice rent the heavens, drawing lightening and thunder down upon the world, the echos of which remained ever after in places far and away, returning at times in raging storms. In this way lightening came and it spoiled the gentle rains; from that day to this, as often as not, the echoes of the All Father's rage carried through the heavens, unleashed in thunder-clad bolts and winds that turned to deadly storms. ~ The Andanuth

I've never actually conceptualized Al-Erde as a human male with beard. His is a description a little different.

When I saw the picture in the following blog post, I finally saw the All Father in his labors upon the mountain.

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