Friday, January 02, 2015

Aufstrag & the World of Aihrde

Aufstrag is the iron will of evil. It is a house of terror where dwell the shadows of Darkness, named the Fell Beast, Unklar, the Horned God. From that bastion he ruled the world of Aihrde for a thousand years. Those long centuries saw Aufstrag grow into an edifice like to a mountain and one filled with all the nightmares and shadows of his, nay, the world's despair. Over three thousand feet tall and a thousand wide, it is a catacomb of unbelievable dimensions. Torn from the ruins of glorious Al Liosh, lifted on high by his very might, it stands a heap of slag, dominating the sprawling swamps that cover the ruins of the old world. Aufstrag is like to a tower, but so great its size, it is more like to a fortress, to a city than ought else. But there dwelt the Horned God for his long reign and to it came the damned and he housed them in dungeons of horror and madness. And thus men call it, more than the pit of the Horned God, or his city, or his throne. Men call it Hell, and so it is.

Aufstrag is a multi-level dungeon/city complex that is both huge and ever changing. It is designed for use for any level of play, though low level characters may suffer a higher mortality rate than higher level. Within the tower and city there are hosts of different terrain, from swamps to forests, to streets and because of this any character class is ideal for the setting.

Aufstrag is a city in the world of Aihrde that served as the capital of Unklar's Empire.



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