Monday, November 17, 2014


I got a chance to watch Snowpiercer last night. Basic idea is the world has frozen over, but before it did someone had the idea to build a thousands of miles long rail road track that circled the world. People were allowed to buy tickets and hitch a ride on humanities last hope.

Some bought tickets, some jumped on without paying. Fast forward 17 years and you have some dystopian future where the world is incapsulated on a train between the have nots and the haves. The haves are utterly hedonistic, spending their lives doing nothing and the have nots are utterly doing nothing with their  lives. I supposed if I lived in a metal box I wouldn't do a whole lot either.

The movie's setting was bad ass. The characters cool, acting, writing all of it. Really good actually. I don't buy into the whole have and have nots theme but I know its popular with the hollywood writers now. All in all a fun movie (if a bit grim even for a dystopian future, even the Walking Dead holds out hope).

My only real problem was the how the train came to be, but really in the big scope of things on the big screen, that isn't a very big thing.

Go and enjoy the flick. Its fun. Just don't think about the train will just cause confusion and delay.


Anonymous said...

It's South Korean, not Hollywood. Watched it a few days ago. I'm mixed on it, but overall leaning positive.


Mark Martin said...

The punishment with the arm got me hooked early.