Monday, November 24, 2014

Scientist Thinks Out of the Text Book

This article just annoyed me. "Alien Life Could Thrive on "Supercritical" Co2 Instead of Water." That's the headline. It seems a no brainer to assume that life could take other forms than the forms we are familiar with here on earth. One could probably speculate, with some degree of certainty, that other planets will have different biospheres than earth and therefore life, might, might mind you, take on a different form.

Of course the article had to sideline you with a reminder about global warming. And whether you believe in that or not, it should annoy you. It seems as if all science now is tied to the concept of global warming. You need air in your tires? Study shows that CO2 cause global warming and yes you do.

For pete sake, drop the GW in every article.

But more importantly if you don't embrace at least the CONCEPT that life might take on different forms and have as its base something other than carbon, you should leave science and go make a sandwich. See how many different types of sandwiches you can make and use that as a lesson plane.

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Jason Francis said...

Life here thrives on supercritical CO2. Plant life for one, and everything that eats plant life for two, and everything that breathes Oxygen (which planets exhale) for three. That's basically all life on Earth. You'd have to be scientifically illiterate to believe CO2 was unimportant to life on Earth. But given we're talking about people who believe increased CO2 levels 800 years AFTER rising global temperatures in hundred million year old ice core samples proves CO2 CAUSES global temperatures to rise, scientific illiteracy seems to be pandemic.