Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good Sweet Lord

There is a story I read about years ago. During the Siege of Leningrad two soldiers were making their rounds on the street, helping to keep order in the city that was slowly starving to death. These soldiers found some street vendors, an old couple, who were selling odds and ends to make ends meet. One of the soldiers bought a boot, but the second one, the lady confessed she left up in her apartment and asked him to go get it. After he leaves, his partner gets nervous and follows only to find his comrade in a cannibal's hell hole. The husband was subduing the other soldier. There were body parts everywhere. These two had clearly been eating people to survive. The soldier shot both the man and woman, rescued his partner and left.

Not sure if its true, but the tale is an uplifting one in that here we have justice meted out to those who deserve it.

There is something about story telling. There are stories worth telling and their are stories that need to pass into the dustbin of our collective history. Jack the Ripper is one such story. The rage of horror he visited upon London at the turn of the 19th century was horrific. The murders beyond the pale. He's much like Bundy, Dalmer or any of those other creatures.

Nothing uplifting here. No story worth telling.

Now the FX channel is bringing Frank Miller's work, From Hell, to the small screen. I've never read the graphic novel, though I love Miller's work, so will give it a look see.

But by god, it better be a story worth telling.

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Pat Bellavance said...

Um... Frank Miller didn't have anything to do with 'From Hell'. It was Alan Moore. There was a movie adaptation a few years back starring Johnny Depp which might be worth checking out.