Monday, November 03, 2014

Comet Stench

Holy carolina! Comets apparently stink. Smelling something like a horse barn...which can be pretty pungent for those who have never been in a horsebarn. Studies from Rosetta have shown that the comet she's about to put a probe on stinks pretty hefty. Too much ammonia.

One never things about that when watching sci fi shows. Unaccustomed smells. The ship itself would smell pretty good, all these people living there for weeks on end. It would have to be pretty well ventilated and everyone required to bath regularly or everyone would pay the price. Then there's the dismount on alien planets, dealing with aliens and their own bathing habits. What did Jar Jar Binks smell like or the Tharks on Barsoom? What about that fat little flying merchant from the Phantom Menace? And Darth Vadar? did he bath at all? The force was with that one for sure.

Remember. Bath in space.

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