Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Problem with Cover Ups

It seems that some 30 odd people saw some strange craft break through the crowds at Ohare air port back in 2006 and hover over United Airlines terminal or tarmac. After a few minutes, it punched a hole in the clouds (depending on who you talk to) and vanished. When queried the FAA said they had no radar of it and no one reported it and they had no record of it. From the Tribune

After a Freedom of Information request was filed it turned out that they did have a report of it as one of their managers called in to explain to them they saw something.

This is the problem with the whole UFO thing, those in power keep covering up crap, reinforcing the idea that they have something to cover up! And since no one can be so stupid as to keep covering things up that people have discovered, and since they keep covering it up, it can only mean that they have something to cover up! :)

Its a big circle.

If the FAA had just said "yes we have a duty log registering the sighting, but we don't know what it is. Carry on." That would have put it all to rest, but no, we can't be that smart.

Of course, this is the government, which explains alot of course.

Alleged photo of the incident.

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