Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Gonfod

Gonfod: The final Rin, filled with war and chaos. Wherein none shall sleep a restful night. The end of days. Said to begin when man masters the Arc of Time. The All Father's last thought shall cross to the Endless Pools, there to be gathered by Toth. During the Gonfod the Red God shall attempt to stop the thought of the All Father from passing into the pools, Corthain shall attempt to stop him by freeing the Vesk, and the Fortress of Iul from its anchorage and sailing the River Erde, the Arc of Time, to confront the Red God. But the Red God shall muster all the legions of the Wretched Planes and empty the halls of the Homeless House to fight. And Ealor shall open the Three Gates and lead the Fleet of the Dead to battle Thorax. But to counter him, Thorax will unleash the five headed dragon and she must wrestle the Lord of Seas. In this contest one side must win. That Corthain shall win out and all suffer the desires of the All Father or that the Red God shall prevail and the rule of world pass to his evil hand it is not written.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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