Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Elves of the Fontenouq

Thus it was when the Winter Dark began. The elves foresaw the coming of the Horned God and they dreaded the evil that it would bring. The trolls were grown mighty in dread anticipation of the coming darkness and hunted elves in many quarters. The dwarves had waned and men were bound to their strange codes and bent on unleashing the evil upon the world. Some refused to believe that others would do this and sought to talk to them and dissuade them, but the elves knew that to talk with madness is folly so they gathered in a great council to decide the fate of their people.

There it was determined to gather those folk of their own that they could and leave Aihrde and travel back into the wilds of the Multiverse to the undying lands of the Seven Rivesr, Shindolay. And so, after many years of council and debate a call was sent out and those elves that actually heard it and chose to heed it, left Aihrde by magical paths to the realm of fey. So the elves were not there to strengthen the armies of men who stood against the Horned God even though many remained behind, lost in hidden woods throughout the world and some others refused to go, vowing to fight on. Londea, daughter of the Queen was one such.

From the Seven Rivers the elves watched the world fall into darkness and many recanted, calling upon their lords to take up arms and defend the world that was their home for 3000 years. But the lords would not and the Queen forbade it. In defiance many took up their weapons and with powerful magics opened the paths that would lead to Aihrde. They left then and walked the Void to the gates of Aihrde. But Unklar was young and filled with the mirth of his youth and closed the gate to them. They raged against the gate but could not break it. Too proud to return home they set themselves the task of passing back to Aihrde no matter the cost. And so they waited and struggled in the poverty of their power for a thousand years. They called themselves the Fontenouq, which is “the abandoned.” Their hatred was aimed at Unklar but not reserved to him and in time the Fonetenouq came to hate their kindred in Shindolay.

They eschew the ramblings of philosophy and turn to war and the eradication of evil . . . 

~The Codex of Aihrde

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