Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Cobblers Age, an Age of Heroes

For the first time, sorcerers, separate from the seats of power, rose to prominence, and men were not ruled by kings alone. The magic of the Old World lingered in dark places, dungeons and abandoned cities. Great artifacts surfaced and were lost again. Men mastered the spells of old, remade them, and cast them anew in different forms. These wizards and sorcerers gathered in guilds, enclaves from which they master-minded the world’s currents, or at least, thought they did. These men and women bent their minds to unraveling the magic of the world, to understanding the dwarves and the runes of ages past, or the goblins. They devoted lives to searching for the Language of Creation and attempted to make ever greater sorcery.

Too, it was an age of priests, for the Val Austlich, unrestrained by the Judgement of Corthain, created bridges to their devotees through priests, clerics, druids and shamans. Temples, in ages past built to honor and respect the gods, became places of worship and sacrifice, places where the priests could speak with the gods. Men turned to the gods as never before and the power of the Val Austlich waxed great through their intermediaries. Durendale came to the world, the Cobbler took shape too and drove many men into the wilderness on hunts and wild adventures, Glorianna with shield and mace, Burasil of the elves, and others beside.

It was an age of warriors, heroism, and legend. Many tales speak of errant knights carving out kingdoms for themselves. Mercenary captains commanding armies of freebooters in great battles and acts of war. Adventurers plundering ancient holds, unleashing demons of the Days before Days and fighting them with iron and blood.

This was the Age of Heroes, when men, elves and dwarves battled the evil remnants of the Old Empire, fought monsters of myth, fashioned weapons of overwhelming power, and strove with one another for dominance of the world. It was truly an age when the gods reigned supreme and heroes, like Aristobulus, Luther, and Daladon half-elven, ruled the day, clawing their way through the powers of the world even to god-head, that third order of higher beings, the Val-Tulmiph.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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