Friday, June 27, 2014

The Chariot Kings

Here the Aenochians took a wholly different course than all the others peoples of the world. Their worship of gods extended only to their use to them. Idolatry became the order of the day, as men worshipped creatures of all shapes and sizes and tribes came to call on beasts at their patrons. They adorned their houses with the emblems of their patrons, as well, they decorated their armors, weapons, and tools. The first chariots came to the world, made by Aenochian smiths and these bore their princes and lords in battle against all foes. But most they contested with each other, over domains great and small.

During the Stone Wars the people of Al Liosh began to triumph over their neighbors and their domains spread down the long reaches of the river Udinilay. Towns fell to them and the men of Al Liosh forced tribute from them and men called them the Chariot Kings. 

Over many years and the rule of many Kings the whole of the country from the fertile lands to the sea, bordering the river, lay under their standards. None could stop the Chariot Kings.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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